Cooking and Baking used to Teach Life and Educational Skills

life educational skillsS’mores Pudding Parfaits are the perfect easy dessert made with new JELLO-O SIMPLY GOOD Pudding Mix. This recipe is worth a try as it is delicious and life educational skillsso fun to make with your students, kids or grand-kids. Fabulous looking S’mores can be eaten after your Easter Egg Hunt in school or at home! A great in school and in home project for preschool and older students and children. Pictures should be taken of the students measuring, taking turns and having fun creating this dessert.

This yummy dessert allows teachers to use differentiated instruction to teach their students life educational skills. Students will learn important life skills like taking turns and following directions. Students will also learn educational skills like addition, subtraction and measurements that can become a MATH lesson. A fabulous opportunity to teach life educational skills while making learning exciting!

Regardless of a child’s learning process, children love being involved in the cooking process!

After students cook and eat their s’mores; a differentiated math lesson based on the cooking process can be taught

life educational skillsthe same day or it can be saved for the next day.

Teachers can use the pictures taken of the children using life educational skills, the recipe card and the video below. A math lesson will be as easy as pie!

Parents, grandparents and caregivers can create S’mores Pudding Parfaits as an after-school project with their children. Family members are forming lifelong bonds and at the same time learning life educational skills. This recipe and others are a perfect holiday (think Easter!) and/or birthday party treat!

Parents, grandparents, care givers, teachers please see the recipe card and video link below for easy step by step instructions for your children and students! Enjoy watching this rewarding feeling of “sweetness” on your children’s and student’s faces!  

                                                 To read original article and watch instructional video click here: 


 S’mores Pudding Parfaits – Adapted from Trish-Mom on Timeout
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