Providing care for Weston children six weeks through five years.
Providing care for Weston children six weeks through five years.

A Children’s Carousel
1051 Shotgun Road
Weston, Florida 33326
Telephone: (954) 424-1898

A Children’s Carousel
1051 Shotgun Road
Weston, Florida 33326

(954) 424-1898

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Toddlers, Preschool, Pre-Kindergaten and Camp Carousel

A Children’s Carousel provides a warm and safe environment for children six weeks to eight years old.

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Curriculum focuses on the development of Sensory Motor and Language Acquisition Skills. The program understands the internal struggle of the toddler between dependence and independence. Navigating this journey allows the toddler to make safe choices. The program offers consistency for the toddler through the Pre-Kindergarten Westonuse of rituals and routine tasks. It is an environment where they can work on their social behavior and establish inner control.

While each child’s development is individual and unique, all toddlers need a stimulating environment and a variety of experiences to help them develop. If children have appropriate experiences, by the time they are five they will acquire a working vocabulary of approximately 3000 words.

With carefully selected activities in the areas of social and emotional development, toddlers will move towards understanding the subtle nuances of cooperative play and independence.


Our Developmental Curriculum is based on how children develop and learn. It consists of a wide range of concepts, experiences, and materials designed to meet the developmental needs of a group of children. These needs include social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

Pre-Kindergarten WestonAt ACC how children learn is as important as what children learn. Process and content go hand in hand. Each child sees and investigates the world in their own way. How they explore the world directly relates to how they learn best.

The program connects learning styles to sensory input. Some children are visual learners, others are auditory, tactile or kinesthetic. The various learning centers available to the children allow them to examine the materials in the manner that best suits their learning style while allowing them to enhance and reinforce their less dominate style.

In addition to the Learning Centers in the classrooms, the building also houses our unique in-door “Carousel Pre-Kindergarten WestonCity”: Where Children Explore All Their Tomorrows Today!

Carousel City was created to allow children to experience a variety of learning opportunities through dramatic play, experiential exploration and social interaction. The preschool children have an opportunity to visit Carousel City on a regular basis, and explore different areas of the infrastructure of their city. The Carousel City Performing Arts Center is a specially designed theatre where children may perform with a variety of dramatic and musical enhancements.

Visiting the Carousel City Construction Company children have an opportunity to use a variety of tools and equipment to build projects which enhance math, large and fine motor skills. The Pet Store and Veterinary Clinic features: live bunnies, fish and a bird. Children learn about Firefighters, Police Officers and EMS at the Public Safety Building which transitions mid year to become the Carousel Fix It Shop. In the Fix It Shop children can learn about the inner workings of the small appliances we use in our daily lives. The Grocery Store reinforces math and social skills. An International Restaurant features food, menus and customs from a different culture every month. Carousel City was custom designed to reflect the diversity in today’s society, while maintaining an environment conducive to a quality preschool experience.Pre-Kindergarten Weston

Our curriculum is continually updated to meet the growing needs of an ever-changing world. Computer/Media Center, Music, Meet the Masters, Meet the Composers, American Sign Language and Foreign Language are part of our learning plan for children 3 ½ – 5 years.

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The Pre-Kindergarten program, (the year prior to attending Kindergarten) focuses on developing the necessary skills to meet and exceed the requirements for entering the first level of primary school. Our proprietary curriculum help the children develop early reading, math, geography, and independence skills. We strive to help create an awareness of the world around, with respect for ourselves and others.

A Children’s Carousel’s graduates excel academically, socially and emotionally, which is evidenced by our exemplary VPK scores, high reading levels and elementary school endorsements (private and public).

Pre-Kindergarten Weston




School-Age Camp

Pre-Kindergarten WestonAt Camp Carousel we offer a fun filled camp experience for children grades K-2. Camp is available for: public school teacher planning days and half days, winter and spring break, as well as a full summer program. At Camp Carousel your child will enjoy camp time in a safe and stimulating environment. Summer Campers four to eight years, may select from one of the three week themed based camps such as: Theater, Dance, Construction, Sports, Creative Art, Baking or Top Chef Cooking. Each themed camp also includes: arts and crafts, computer games, ice cream parties, organized sports, water play, and arcade games.    Pre-Kindergarten Weston

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