Weston’s Premier Preschool for students 6 weeks through 5 years old for over 25 years
Weston’s Premier Preschool for students 6 weeks through 5 years old for over 25 years

A Children’s Carousel
1051 Shotgun Road
Weston, Florida 33326
Telephone: (954) 424-1898

Bright Minds
Messy Hands
Warm Hearts
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A Children’s Carousel
1051 Shotgun Road
Weston, Florida 33326

(954) 424-1898

A Children’s Carousel

Weston’s Premier Preschool for Students 6 weeks to 5 Years Old for Over 25 Years

A Children's Carousel

Serving families in Weston

And Surrounding Areas for More than 25 Years!

A Children’s Carousel provides a developmentally appropriate theme based program that focuses on each child’s individual learning style. The Early Childhood curriculum provides students with hands-on experiences in STEM, language, cultural diversity, music, fine arts, yoga and mindfulness, and character building. We provide the children with many opportunities to explore and use their fine and gross motor skills through various activities.   

STEM at a Chldren's Carousel

Early Learning STEM Program at A Children's Carousel!

STEM =  Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

We are very proud and excited to have the Early Learning STEM program at A Children’s Carousel, as a positive enhancement to our curriculum. Introduced in 2017, STEM is student-centered, confidence building program that encourages critical thinking skills. We look forward to observing the positive effect in preparing your children for their future.

A Children's Carousel Mindfulness Practice for Preschoolers

Mindfulness and Yoga

Calming the Mind and Body to Stimulate Learning

At a Children’s Carousel, we strive to be on the cutting edge of Early Childhood Education research and practice. With this in mind, we are now partnering with Mindful Little Masters to introduce techniques from Mindfulness and Yoga specifically designed and geared for early childhood. Research in Early Childhood Education finds that mindfulness practice improves and/or increases: focus and attention span, resiliency, calmness, sleep, interpersonal relationships, impulse control, compassion, happiness and more while also decreasing and/or reducing stress, anxiety, heart rate, blood pressure, misbehavior and acting out. 

Carousel City at A Children's Carousel

Carousel City

Where Children Explore All Their Tomorrows Today!

We created Carousel City to allow children to experience a variety of learning opportunities through dramatic play, experiential exploration and social interaction. The indoor city offers a child-sized construction site, grocery store, cafe, public safety building, pet store and performing arts center. 

Parent testimonials about A Children's Carousel. Thank you!

A Children's Carousel STEM exploration

See What Our Happy Parents Say!

  • This school was recommended to me by a family friend and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. My son is so happy here! He comes home after school raving endlessly about his teachers. What a joy! : ) I didn’t really know what to expect since this is my first child and all I could feel is fear when sending him to a new place for the first time but the entire staff of ACC is caring and friendly and they do a great job of being personable and professional which is not an easy task. As the owner of a dance school that sees and manages hundreds of children and parents each week, I know first hand how challenging it is to make sure that communication with parents is clear and consistent. The staff of ACC has been so incredibly successful with this! Getting greeted everyday by warm and friendly faces and knowing that your child is in the most loving and caring hands is a rare instance and I am so thankful that we have had the opportunity to experience ACC!

    a children's carousel 5 star review
    My Son is So Happy Here!
    Gina F.
  • My two kids go to A Children’s Carousel and they loved it. The director Miss Michelle is amazing. All the teachers are loving and caring and they get to know all the kids even the ones not in their classroom. Academics are also very good. I love the community of parents that goes to the school. I work full time and it is hard for me to volunteer at school. I have never felt judged by other moms because of that. On the other hand I am grateful for all the opportunities the school has for parents to participate and for the amazing parents that can do it and then report back the fun with pictures. It has been a very nurturing environment for the kids emotionally, socially and academically

    a children's carousel 5 star review
    Loving Environment, Great Academics!
    Maria J.
  • Highly recommended!! 100% lovely atmosphere, high standards on education, patient and lovely teachers, and Kids love to go. Great experience for my Boy!!

    a children's carousel 5 star review
    I Highly Recommend A Children's Carousel!
    Angela A.
  • We enrolled our two year old son when he was 18 months old. As any parent knows it was a hard adjustment for all of us, but the teachers made the transition much easier than we expected. They always give you a daily updates answer all the questions and you can see that the owner is always around in case you need him. They care for every single child with lots of love and patience. The teachers we have had so far have been amazing.

    a children's carousel 5 star review
    They Truly Care for Every Single Child
    Alejandro C.
  • My children have been students at A Children’s Carousel for 3 years now, and we have been very happy with their experience here. They offer many great programs for children including yoga, gymnastics, and computers. The classes are quite structured and our children are being provided with the background, skills, and enrichment needed to ensure a successful transition into kindergarten. The staff are friendly, caring, and well qualified to provide a safe, engaging, and stimulating learning environment, with plenty of fun included! I highly recommend A Children’s Carousel.

    a children's carousel 5 star review
    The Staff is Friendly, Caring, and Well-Qualified
    David P.
  • We have 2 children in our household. Both of them attended ACC! My daughter started kindergarten already reading! She was tested last week and she is reading at second grade level! The directors are very knowledgeable of curriculum and the teachers are well prepared. My daughter attended 3 years and my son as well. We could see the improvements on a weekly basis. This IS NOT A DAY CARE! This is a very good preschool! Invest in your kids education from an early age to see them have success through life!

    a children's carousel 5 star review
    This is a Very Good Preschool!
    Roger P.
  • Great school and caring teachers. Never once have I had a 2nd thought about leaving my son there and he LOVES going every morning. Couldn’t have asked for better.

    a children's carousel 5 star review
    Couldn't Have Asked for Better
    Jennifer S.
  • I moved the area about 4 months ago. I lived in Miami and sent my children to a school that I LOVED. I was devastated to remove them once we moved, but a friend recommended ACC to me and I’m so glad she did. I can’t tell you how much I love and trust the school’s staff and teachers with my sweet kiddos. The curriculum is great and encourages learning in a fun way. My kids love the school and I truly feel at ease leaving them in them in the morning.

    a children's carousel 5 star review
    A Friend Recommended ACC and I am SO Glad She Did!
    Kelly P.
  • I cannot brag enough about Children’s Carousel! Our daughter cries some weekends because she can’t go to school. She loves her teachers Lisa, Shannon and Samantha! Knowing our daughter is in a loving environment is such a gift to her dad and I. Thank you so much from this working mom for that peace of mind. It’s priceless. Not only does Children’s Carousel provide a safe, loving environment they also have a fantastic education program. Our daughter is making phenomenal progress learning ABC’s, numbers, colors and so many other important things that I know is the foundation needed to succeed. Again, such a big thank you to her teachers! I also must recognize Michelle and Rebecca for their smiling faces, organization and communication which keeps the school running perfectly. I could continue the praise because there are so many teachers and employees throughout that school who work hard to give our children the best experience. So from the bottom of my heart thank you Children’s Carousel!

    a children's carousel 5 star review
    From The Bottom Of My Heart: Thank You A Children's Carousel!
    Stacy D.
  • We love it here. My son enjoyed the teachers. The school is clean and the teachers are caring and knows all the kids. I am very happy with the school. Finding the right school for my son gave me the peace of mind when I went back to work. I trust the teachers and the staff and the environment knowing that staff it is a friendly, caring and loving.

    a children's carousel 5 star review
    We Absolutely LOVE a Children's Carousel!
    Anniek K.
  • We have been extremely fortunate to have found A Children’s Carousel and their infant class program for our three-month-old baby. The teachers here are very qualified, organized, sweet and caring. My baby loves her teacher and enjoys her time with her. Very few schools in the area offer infant programs but I am sure A Children’s Carousel has the best of all!

    a children's carousel 5 star review
    Excellent Infant Program!
    Diana S.


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