faculty and staff at a children's carousel
faculty and staff at a children's carousel
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A Career in Education

Everything You Need to Know

If you are interested in a career with children, there is no better place to work than at A Children’s Carousel. Our respect for children and the learning process provides a stimulating atmosphere for children to flourish and careers to grow.


At A Children's Carousel

To support a balance between work and family for our employees, we offer full time employees paid holiday, vacation, and sick time.

To support continuing education and professional development, we offer an ongoing program of staff development. To reward our faculty for excellence we offer merit increases.

Faculty Testimonials

“This is a great place to work! I am treated with respect. The owners are very caring and the staff is motivated!”

“The program truly cares about children.”

“I feel lucky to be part of this FAMILY!”

“Staff work together, are prepared, organized, and dedicated professionals.”

“The school provides much in-service training, at no cost to the staff.”

How to Apply

A Children’s Carousel is an equal opportunity employer; we do not discriminate in our hiring practices on the basis of race, sex, national origin, religion, disabled veteran status, marital status, age or sexual orientation or disability. Employment or volunteer service is contingent upon a background check and drug screening. Upon employment you will be required to show proof of citizenship and will be fingerprinted as required by state licensing.

Phone: 954-424-1898

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